Our ERP system adopts the latest web technology with the advantages of high usability, high mobility, strong security, and great flexibility. ERP helps business to reduce workload, cost and time by the new management method. Our system focused on garment industry, trading business and manufacturing industry, where you may find it suitable for your business!

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- Garment ERP System

- Trading and Manufacturing ERP System

When Internet growth rapidly, valuable information may transferred easily through unsecured and fast Internet environment. Either Intended or unintended leak of sensitive business may hindered the competitiveness and the growth of the business. Thus, we developed an information security system to manage the usage of Internet, and monitor the transfer of data ( such as email or FTP ) in order to protect intellectual property.

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- Data Leakage Monitoring System

Many shops expand their business by exploiting valuable market in the Internet. B2C model through the web fasten the spread of information anytime, anywhere, and now being a world trend. With our system provided, you can own a online product showcases of your company and receive enquiries through the Internet.

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- Internet Shopping Mall System

- Instant Catalogue System

A system specially designed for shipment tracking service in logistic industry. You can input the shipment arrangement, and let your customers know by updating the latest status through the system.

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- Shipment Tracking system

We also provide the following services:

  • Domain Registration
  • Server setup
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Server Hosting

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